About Us

What is A to Zenith?

For over 16 years, a global grassroots community for Professional Land Surveyors has been growing and growing, outgrowing two platforms, outliving many and outlasting through the harshest of times.  That community was started in March of 2007 by Skip Farrow (1954-2015) and his son, Justin Farrow.  For over 15 years this grassroots community, known as Land Surveyors United has been 100% financially supported by members who care about the future of Land Surveying and educating the next generation.  This community has become important for the surveying profession for several reasons.  Surveyors seeking employment find work using the Jobs Board. Recruiters fill positions by searching through experienced surveyors in need of work.  The everyday surveyor needs both equipment and support they can afford and trust.  Vendors can socially market their products and services while providing support through their hubs.  Educators use classroom hubs to socially engage with their students while getting real time feedback and supplementary learning materials.  Land Surveying companies are getting more traffic and more business by being listed inside our Company Directory.  This list goes on and on...

The reason why A to Zenith exists is in order for us to do more for the surveying profession.  Today, Land Surveyors United has over 20,000+ members with chapters in 142 countries and all 50 US states.  Throughout our entire existence, we have done everything possible to sustain the community without having to plaster the site with ugly, distracting advertisements which can jeopardize privacy.  And while other sites are 100% funded by third parties, we choose for our community to be controlled by the members themselves.  Our small but mighty team can turn any hub into a completely rebranded mini social community inside Land Surveyors United for you, grant you access to your own backend and show you how to socialize your brand.