Podcasts for Land Surveyors

Are you tired of never knowing when the next episode of The Geoholics Podcast will air?   Are you worried that you might miss the next episode of Mentoring Mondays?  Well worry no more... we now have Land Surveyor Radio!


Never miss another surveyor podcast again! Introducing Podcast Radio page on Land Surveyors United, where you can catch the latest episodes fromour friends at The Geoholics Podcast , Surveyor Says Podcast, Measure This! and @MentoringMondays all in one place. Spread the word and help us promote collaboration in the Land Surveying Profession, without boundaries... a big thanks goes out to those who put so much time and energy every week to bring the geospatial community together!  And by the way, you can also follow and interact/comment on any of the podcast episodes inside the Surveyor Podcasts Hub.